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Marriage Prayer

Marriage Prayer
Dear Lord Jesus, We Thank You So Much For Your Guidance And Blessings Upon Us. Halleluyah.
How You Make Us To Become One Its Amazing Creation Oh Lord.
Its All By Your Favor Whom You Gave Us Since We Were In Mother Womb. How We Thank You For Your Faithfulness, Oh Lord.
Dear Lord Jesus, Our Marriage Life Is Nothing Without You.
We Open Our Hearts We Invite You To Be With Us Forever Oh Lord, Since The First We Met, Be Friends, Dating, Engagement, And Now We Become Wife And Husband.
All Glory and Honor For You Almighty God.
 Dear Lord Jesus, Let Our Journey Of Marriage Will Worship, Honor,  Glorify You Alone And To Love You More Because The Marriage Its Not About Us.
 Its All About You.

Dear Lord Jesus, We Put Our Life In The Cross Let Us Become Small And You Become Great.
Praise You Name In Heaven And Earth.
In The Name Of Jesus Christ, Our God And Saviour.

06 Agustus 2013
With loveJane Maria Fransiska

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